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La Gattara Story

La Gattara Cat Café & Boutique is a feline-based entertainment center and cat sanctuary based in the heart of Phoenix Arizona. Since 2017, La Gattara has offered a unique business model, styled in the same fashion as those first located in Tokyo and New York City. The stated mission of La Gattara has always been to provide a safe space for patrons to enjoy the company of free-roaming rescue cats.

To date, La Gattara has adopted out over 800 cats to loving owners and families, and – along with the help of their adoption partners – saved the lives of hundreds of others. As a result, La Gattara has been recognized several times by the City of Tempe for their tireless, amazing work, and have been honored three times in the Best Of Phoenix category for exceptional work in the community.

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La Gattara Services

Alongside its mission to provide safe spaces for cats and those who love them, La Gattara has also offers several services
Pet Adoption

Patrons may decide to adopt one of the café cats in order to enrich their family and provide sanctuary for a beloved new family member. Adoption fees range depending on the age of the cat, with proceeds going towards local rescues to continue their important work.

Cat-Themed Boutique

Patrons wishing to purchase cat-themed shirts, hats, mugs, statues, artwork, jewelry and other cat-themed merchandise may do so from our unique store.

Special Events

These run the gamut of scope, and have typically included popular, all-ages community events like Yoga With Cats, Cat Ambassador Kids Camp, Drag-Queen Bingo, Comedy With Cats, Dungeons & Dragons & Cats, Paint Nights, and Movie Nights.

Party Rentals

For patrons wishing to secure a truly unique experience, La Gattara offers the ability to rent out space for birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, bar/bat mitzvahs, and a host of other specialized events, with special care taken to ensure a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Community Events

La Gattara has been fortunate to welcome special celebrity guests to speak about their experiences and take photos. These have included both internationally-known luminaries within the feline space, as well as local pet-rescue organizations

Pet Training Services

A major area of need within the industry, La Gattara plans to offer space for pet training that would allow for 1-on-1 and group instruction on pet-related topics covering behavior and space modification. Additional community training and education focused on Trap & Release (T&R) guidelines, and assisting

board members that are anything but boring.

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