Cat litter is $#&*@%$ expensive!

Cat litter is one of those things you just can’t go without. Unless your cat is super cool and has learned how to use the toilet! When you have multiple cats, it gets even tougher to wait another week on buying cat litter. About two years ago, I just doubled my personal cats, and buying the cat litter was killing me. If your like me, you have anxiety daily that your house smells clean from our cats. So we spent tons of money on all kinds of products that are probably bad for our cats and the environment.

One day I went to visit a friend from high school, I hadn’t been to her house before, but I knew she lived in a two bedroom apartment with seven cats. Before I got there, in my head I was thinking about how bad it must smell and how hard she has to work on the litter boxes daily!

I walked in and was in shock. I thought she must not have her cats anymore, there was not of smell of any cats at all. “Jessica where are your cats”? She replied “they are all around here somewhere.” I said “but I can’t smell any cats or cat litter at all!” This is when I learned something that would change my life forever! Jessica told me her recipe on her homemade cat litter!

Have you guys heard of Worlds Best Cat Litter? It’s amazing! But $32.99 for only a 28lb bag! That makes me sick to my stomach! lavender-hero I can get a cat TNR’d for that! I don’t want to waste money on expensive cat litter! So when i learned about Jessica’s homemade, I put her version and Worlds Best Cat Litter idea and combined them to my own purrfect cat litter!

Melissa’s Homemade Cat litter-Chicken feed version:

You need only three things:


Chicken feed-Crumbles-non medicated-brand does not matter- I buy a 50 lbs bag. I have 5 cats and multiple fosters in and out and that will last me about 2 months!
Cat Litter- I use Special kitty 40 lb bag as it is only $9.99 at Walmart
Baking soda- Walmart, Costco and Sams club stock the family size which in the long run is going to save you money.

Step 1: When changing a cat litter you need to go gradually. And you know who your cats are that are picky and just won’t like this cat litter. But that goes with everything. I started with more litter in the pan than chicken feed and then each time I would scoop I’d add more chicken feed. You want to get to the point where you are using only chicken feed or just a small amount of litter. I still use a small amount of litter.  Again, this is what works best for my cats, if your cats tell you heck no, try something else, there are quite a few other cost saving options.

Step 2: Add baking soda I use about 2 cups per litter pan

Step 3: Scoop daily and keep in a cool space, I’ve learned keeping in a warm space the chicken feed does not last as long.

Step 4: (optional) I add about 6 drops of Lavender Essential oil to each pan of litter. Essential oils and pets are a very controversial subject. I have been using essential oils for years and incorporate them in my daily life. So for me it is something I feel benefits my cats. Please if you are going to use any type of essential oil, consult with your veterinarian and do your own research to see if it’s best for you and your pets. I use Doterra oils. This is a link of where I get my lavender oil.

Step 5: Have the great feeling of saving money and having a house that smells good!


I wanted to share with you some tips on keeping your litter box smell under control:

1. Some cats do not like a lid, so if you find your cat is going outside the box, try to remove the lid
2. Scoop your litter at least once a day, if you can twice is even better
3. Your litter box should be in a well ventilated area
4. I suggest at one litter box per 2 cats
5. When you replace your litter, clean the litter box itself in the tub with hot water and cleaner
6. I’ve found that using the big jumbo litter boxes or totes have kept my cats happier

Peace, Love & Meow!

Happy cat and happy hooman!

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