Our Frequently asked questions


How do I book a visit? 

How does a cat lounge work?

To enter the cat lounge, it is $18 per person for 1 hour. We are a non-profit organization so this charge helps us pay for bills associated with the cats and allows us to keep doing what we do best: providing a safe space for humans and finding furever homes for the amazing cats in our care.

Do you serve food and drinks?

Yes, we have a full coffee shop where we serve coffee, tea, smoothies, Italian sodas, and have a few snacks available like chips and cookies.

Do I need reservations?

Reservations are recommended, but not required. If space permits we do allow walk-ins, but please note that especially on the weekends we do often have to turn away walk-ins because we are at capacity!

Can I bring my cat to the cat lounge?

No, we do not allow cats to be brought into the cat lounge by patrons. We are a rescue with adoptable cats who have been health and temperament checked before entering the lounge.

Are kids allowed?

Yes, kids are allowed in the cat lounge with adult supervision. The entry fee must be paid for all children, no matter their age. We do also limit 2 children per 1 adult as well as the total number of children in the lounge at one time.

Do I need to pay for my kids to enter the lounge?

Yes, every person that enters the lounge must pay the $15 per hour lounge fee.

Do you have a phone number?

No, we do not have a phone at our location at this time. If you need to get ahold of us, please email us at info@lagattara.org or use our Contact Us page.

How can I cancel or reschedule my reservation?

If you made an online reservation and need to cancel or change, please refer to your confirmation email a minimum of 4 hours before your scheduled time slot and use the cancel or change links under your reservation time.

What if I am late for my reservation?

If you are late for your reservation, you time will still end at the time of your original reservation. We do need to respect other visitors time in the cat lounge and will not be able to extend your time if you are late.

What if I am late for an event?

We will lock the doors within 10 mins of an event starting. If you are late, it does disrupt other visitors as well as the host or instructor.

How many cats do you have at one time?

Typically, we have between 20-30 cats in the lounge.

Are they all fixed?

Yes, every cat in the lounge has been spayed or neutered.

Are they up to date on vaccines?

Yes, every cat in the lounge is up to date on vaccines and FIV/FELV tested before entering the lounge.

Where do the cats come from?

We work with several independent rescuers across the valley as well as occasionally take in owner surrenders. We are a non profit rescue ourselves so we often rescue cats when we are doing work within the local community. We are very particular about the cats that we intake because they do need to do well in a large group setting with people coming in and out. We are not an open intake shelter.

Do you have kittens?

No, we do not have kittens in our rescue or at the cat lounge. We are not able to accept any kittens needing placement.

Can I adopt a cat from the lounge?

Yes, our mission is to help cats find their furever homes. All our available cats are regularly posted in the Adoptable Cats section of the home page. There you can browse and find out more information about each cat, including age, breed, sex, adoption fees, adoption form, etc.

What are the adoption fees?

Adoption fees range from $100-$200 dollars depending on the cat. Most adoption fees are listed on the cats profile, but you can email us if you do not see it there.

What is your adoption process like?

If there is a cat you are interested in the first step is visiting them at the cat lounge in person. We will not adopt to anyone that has not visited the cat lounge and met the cat they are interested in. We do also require every adult in the household to have met the cat before we will even consider moving forward in the adoption process. We then will ask you to go online and fill out the adoption application for the cat you are interested in. After we receive your online application we will have a conversation with you to make sure the cat is the right fit for your home. Putting in an application does not guarantee you will be approved to adopt. If you are the right fit for the cat you have applied for we will move forward with the adoption and have you pay the adoption fee. Once that is completed, you can take your new cat home!

I've visited the cat and so did all the members of my household. Where do I have to go to fill out my online application?

Go to the Adoptable Cats section and click on the cat you are interested in adopting. You will be taken to their profile. Click on "Apply for adoption" so you can start filling out the online form. If you have any questions, please email us at info@lagattara.org or use our Contact Us page.

What are your hours of operation?

Thursday through Sunday from 10am-6pm. Hours may be subject to change when public or private events are being held, so book your visit to ensure your spot!