I was born with the love of cats in my blood

Well hello LaGattara Friends!  This is my first blog post!  I’m pretty excited!

 I have so many things I want to talk about (well about cats… of course) and I can’t wait to share with you.  So this first blog I want to just share a little about my story with you.

I always say I was born with the love of cats in my blood.  My dad was the local police chief in a small town in Illinois. He kept cat food in the back of his squad car and fed all the homeless and feral cats.  If they were friendly he would adopt them out, and not too many people could say no to the chief of police.  988945_10203374627226466_299429007934782531_n

My dad was honored in the town for being a animal advocate for cats and dogs alike.  He told my step mom he liked cats better than people.  This is a picture of my dad and his favorite cat Callie.

Below is a story, my mom wrote about me

Missy and Piglet

I guess Missy must have been a freshman in high school. Because she was walking home from school. And one day she came home with this little white ball of fluff that could fit in the palm of her hand.  A KITTEN, literally so small it fit in her hand. But her story was” it followed me from school”. Can I keep it?” I believed that as much as a teacher would believe “the dog ate my homework” it never happens. But still kids use this line on their parents. And still parents know it’s a line but some how more often than not the kitten or fill in the blank ends up as a new member of the household.  So being the appropriately mean mom I was. “ Hell no, there is no room or money for pets “ because I taught my children that a good pet parent was to care for the pets. Food and medical expenses not just the fun of a sweet cuddly kitten.  Then started the negotiations, You know:” well can I keep her if I can’t find where she belongs?” or my favorite “can I just keep her for a week, a put up fliers in the area.” Again these tactics have been used by children since the dawn of time; and even thought as parents we know better some how the object of affection become a household pet.  Then as we were still negotiating Missy Got a plate of cottage cheese for an after school snack. And this little white ball of fluff climbed up the couch on to Missy’s shoulder and jumped into the plate. Gobbling up the cottage cheese as fast as she could. To which I said, “my what a little piglet” Doom and despair I had just named the kitten and we all know the rule” you name it you’ve claimed it”.

Today almost 25 years later, I’ve probably rescued at least 500 cats/kittens.  I told my Granny that number and she thinks I’m being conservative, lol.

The crazy part of this story, is I didn’t grow up knowing my dad.  I met him once when I was 24.  And he died when I 30.  I did not learn about his amazing love and care for cats until about the last 5 years.  Over the last few years, I’ve met and become very close with my Stepmom and siblings from my dads side.  I can not tell you how great it feels to hear stories about my dad, and it clicks inside of me, “oh that’s why I do that, or oh that’s why I am who I am.”  I am absolutely my own unique person, but I truly believe I am my fathers daughter.  I’ve read alot about nature vs. nature and it’s quite interesting and fits my life completely.  One of the first times I talked to my step mom, and she was realizing I was a  like my dad and crazy about cats, she asked me “do you keep cat food in your car?” I said, “yes” with a tone of question.  I wondered why she was asking me this, how did she know this, now one knew, it was my little secret. “Your dad did the same thing”, she said.  I am so lucky not only to be an ambassador for cats but to carry on the legacy of my dad who did so much for cats.  Early this year, Lora, my stepmom, brought me a car load of my dads “cat stuff”.  It was like winning the lottery!  Not only was it cat stuff, but my dads!  I have two really cool framed cat pictures that will be in the cafe!  Hope you’ll stop by and see them!

Piglet died my freshman year of college.  She had feline leukemia.  She did have a great happy life while she was here, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

And so, I was born with the love of cats in my blood.

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