Matt Mang

Vice President

Rescuing cats is often considered a volunteer effort, but Matt was forced into it rather aggressively on Christmas Day in 2012. Clover, the campus feral, decided Matt’s lap was his new home and for three excruciating hours Clover held him hostage while he cuddled, purred loudly, and slept. Eventually Matt was able to make a break for it when Clover awoke to relieve himself in the nearby rocks, but freedom was short lived. Clover stalked Matt around campus for the next six months, always just a few feet behind, meowing his favorite line from Wayne’s World, “it will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.” As this was becoming  quite a distraction for everyone else Matt was left with no choice but to bring Clover home. Ten years  and 40+ rescues later Matt joined the board to expand his rescue efforts.

Matt is an Arizona native, ASU graduate, published photographer and finalist in the 2023 Screenwriters Network short screenplay contest that, of course, predominantly features a cat. He would like to adapt his screenplay into a fully produced feature film or ride a tiger into battle with an elite team of special forces felines against The Birds and avenge Tippi Hedren… whichever comes first.