Samanta Rivera


Samanta holds a special place in her heart for cats. Born in Mexico, her deep affection for these furry beasts was instilled by her grandmother who fed the strays and nurtured any injured cat she would find. With a dedication to Trap-Neuter-Return, for the past few years, Samanta has been actively supporting and advocating for the welfare of stray and feral cats, contributing to their well-being in her community.

Beyond her feline devotion, Samanta is a coffee enthusiast and avid reader. She found a way to blend her love of travel with her love of her favorite band,  Pearl Jam. With each tour announcement, she plans a new trip to a new city and prepares to meet fellow fans, many who have become close friends.

Samanta graduated from the University of New Mexico and lives in Phoenix with James and their adorable rescue cats.